Available on Amazon and other book stores!

Available on Amazon and other book stores!

*Use in conjuction with the reference book and dictionary: 'Sign List & Vocabulary - Extended Edition' by Kemet Scribe

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Foundation Course 8X10 Student Edition

New Foundation Course for Complete Beginners. Read and understand Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics with Studies, Inscription & Translation Examples, Vocabulary, Exercises & Answers.
Sign List

Sign List & Vocabulary 6X9 Extended Edition

Vocabulary: 4000 hieroglyphic words and their meaning. Over 700 signs, sound values, descriptions & examples. With Gardiner’s Index Codes

Bernard Paul Badham Author

Egyptologist, Author and Physicist. Bernard has worked as a school and college lecturer and as the Head of Science at the British International School in Cairo from where he explored the ancient sites of Egypt for over a decade. Bernard is an author of many Egyptology publications and was the Honorary Chairman & Founder Member of the Staffordshire Egyptology Society.